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Conference proceedings to be published in ELSEVIER's Energy Procedia

ELSEVIER will publish the SHC 2015 Conference proceedings in their renowned Energy Procedia. This collaboration will provide optimum visibility of the proceedings and ensure that the authors’ publications remain traceable and citable with individual DOI numbers for each paper. All papers published in Energy Procedia will be accessible on

Review process

All abstracts and full papers will be subject to a detailed reviewing process. The review criteria for abstracts are as follows:

  • Suitability for the topic. Does the abstract fit into the topic? Abstracts with inappropriate contents or commercial advertisements will be rejected.
  • Quality of research goals. Appropriately chosen and documented methods, logical presentation and analysis of results, findings, inferences and conclusions. Novelty and significance of the work, and implications for practices, policies or further research.
  • Those contributions will be preferred for oral presentation, where significant results are already documented in the abstract in order to avoid a situation in which the "promises of the abstracts" cannot be fulfilled.
  • Standard of writing, clear and logical presentation, appropriate style, lack of errors, ease of reading, correct grammar and spelling, conformance with specifications for length and format details.

Full Paper Reviewing

Acceptance of the abstract does not guarantee acceptance of the paper for the proceedings. All papers need to follow the Elsevier guidelines and will be subject to a separate scientific review process. This review process includes that the paper might be sent back to the authors for corrections/ modifications or might be rejected. All papers which have been accepted shall be published in Elsevier Energy Procedia.

Review criteria for full papers
All submitted papers for the Elsevier Energy Procedia proceedings are reviewed by the scientific committee according to the following guidelines

  • Formatting: Please strictly follow the Elsevier paper template for your full paper. Papers which do not meet the requirements of the template won’t be accepted by Elsevier and cannot be published. Figures and tables should be easy to read and understand.
  • Language: Please check for the correctness of the English grammar. It is the author’s responsibility to hand in a paper in good English and, if necessary, please seek help from a native speaker.
  • Scientific content: Papers for the proceedings must contain new results that are not published before in the same way. The content of the paper has to follow general guidelines of review papers. It is not acceptable to publish papers that are just a collection of slides with some sentences in between. The content must be well presented in a consistent manner, assumptions have to be mentioned, conclusions must be supported by experimental or theoretical results, figures have to be explained in the text, references must be made where appropriate.
  • An online Elsevier copyright transfer form must be signed for each paper.

Access to submitted papers after the conference:
All submitted manuscripts for the proceedings will be made available to conference attendees directly after the meeting and without any review in the password-protected download area of the website. This will allow all participants of the conference to receive further information about the presentations without delay. The papers will be removed from the webpage as soon as the Elsevier proceedings will be published.

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