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Press Release: 2015 IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

Freiburg, Germany – March 31, 2015 – SHC 2015, the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Conference will take place in Istanbul from December 2-4, 2015 in collaboration with the newest IEA SHC country member, Turkey.  This year the IEA is partnering with ESTIF, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, and GÜNDER, Turkey Section of the International Solar Energy Society to hold the conference in Istanbul, Turkey.  As in previous years, PSE in Freiburg, Germany, will be the conference organizer.
SHC 2015 is an annual industry and scientific conference for leading researchers and companies using solar energy for heating and cooling of buildings and in industry.  Over 300 participants from organizations and companies around the world are expected to attend the conference, which will be held in English.  
International industry leaders will address issues such as competitiveness, new markets and products, future trends, amongst other topics. “We are currently facing a challenging period for our industry. Our challenges are not regional, they are global. We have much to share and discuss between market players from different parts of the world. That debate will take place at SHC 2015 and will help us find new competitiveness pathways, in different markets, with different competitors.”, said Pedro Dias, ESTIF Secretary General and Industry Chair of SHC 2015.
Researcher leaders will cover many topics including the latest technology developments, integration of solar technologies into urban environments and energy systems, solar resource measurement and energy storage.
Istanbul is a highly inviting location as Turkey currently has the biggest European solar thermal energy market. Bülent Yesilata, Scientific Chair of the conference, points out, “Solar energy has played a major role in Turkey’s renewable energy roadmap since the country is located geographically in a region called the ’solar band’.”
Daniel Mugnier, Conference Chair of SHC 2015, said “Solar heating and cooling technologies play an important role in energy security and economic development. They are universally applicable due to the need for hot water, hot air or cold air, and create regional employment since much of the value chain is delivered locally.”
The IEA reports1  that 47% of global final energy consumption was in the form of heat, over half of which is used in buildings and forty-one percent in industry.  Solar thermal technology collects solar energy for use in water heating, industrial process heating and cooling and space heating and cooling.

About IEA SHC (
The International Energy Agency’s Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) was established in 1977. Its objectives are co - operative research, development, demonstration and exchange of information regarding solar heating and cooling systems. IEA SHC members include 20 countries and 5 international organizations. An important part of the Agency's program involves collaboration in the research, development and demonstration of new energy technologies to reduce excessive reliance on imported oil, increase long-term energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

About ESTIF (
The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) is the voice of the solar thermal industry, actively promoting the use of solar thermal technology for renewable heating and cooling in Europe. ESTIF represents the interests of the entire supply chain, analyses and shapes policy positions for the solar thermal industry on key issues such as eco-design and energy labelling, energy performance of buildings to boost the uptake of renewable energy, and is also involved in other activities relevant for its industry. 

About PSE AG (
PSE AG is a solar projects company that organizes scientific conferences, develops solar performance measurement technology, and provides consulting in solar monitoring and benchmarking. Conferences organized by PSE cover the whole field of solar energy.  Amongst other conferences and workshops, PSE is organizer of the SiliconPV Conference and nPV Workshop, CPV-11, and SolarPACES. 

About GÜNDER (
GÜNDER (International Solar Energy Society – Turkey Section) which was founded in 1991, maintains studies in development of industry, science and technology in the field of solar energy by establishing the regulatory framework and raising awareness. GÜNDER is a unique non-governmental organization of Turkey that consists of administrators and civil servants of public bodies, academic members and industry representatives of Solar Thermal and PV, is the voice of solar energy by representing the entire value chain. GÜNDER is not only the member of ISES, EPIA and ESTIF, but also represents Turkish Republic in the programs of IEA SHC and IEA PVPS. 

1Policies for renewable heat - An integrated approach; International Energy Agency, 2012

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